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Song of Sade (or Consumption as Destruction)

Historical angels, archaic demons, Heroes of classic vice and virtue
Set before me your bounties
That I may eat, and be fulfilled

I look not to the gorgeous vines of Ogygia
Or to the tender meats of the Dionysian feast
Spare me the cattle of Helios
Or the sweet fruits of Proserpina's fields
Place before me the joyful sweets of these ancestral culinarians
And feel my derision over your meal

You ask if I may break my fast
With the sprightly meats of the holy lamb
Or thoughtfully intoxicate myself
On that blessed wine and wafer communial
Try to sate my hunger with these pious offerings
And I will be duly scornful

Give me instead the dregs of the enlightened
Feed me the whores and the scum of the world
The vicious and the evil, let them come from their holes
To plunge, one after the next, onto my grotty and scratched plate
Juliette, Justine, and the libertines four, let them all
Come to me in my insatiable gluttony
That I may devour that which is glorious to my tastes
When all of vileness and filth has gone
Twice over into my slavering maw
Let it be then smeared on the wall
In the blood and grease of the damned

The past is the past is the past
Ok well this is my first submission in a loong time, and i'm really just putting it up so i have a means of transferring it, hence the fact it is not my finest. But please read it if you feel like it.

It's based on an issue i've had for a while with trying to exorcise the Marquis de Sade, a chance encounter i had with the film 'Salo' a particularly disturbing rendition of Sades '120 Days of Sodom' has lead to a period of sleeplessness and worry, all stemming from the sheer horror of the Sades work. This poem is a creative way of trying to release some of these emotions. Thank you
MuttMix Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I like it.
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September 11, 2010
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